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Unity Way 211

Registration for Disaster Assistance:
dial 2-1-1 or 1-866-485-0211

Road Conditions

Adverse road conditions may exist. Call 877-315-7623 (or 511 from your cell phone) or go to for current road conditions and closures.

Grand County Emergency Management

81 West Agate Ave
PO Box 1457
Granby, CO 80446
Office: 970.887.2732
Fax: 970.887.1698

Ray Jennings
Grand County OEM

Tara D. Gourdin
Emergency Manager
Grand County OEM

Grand County OEM Employee Login

Flu Prevention Starts with You

Flu prevention starts with you. The Centers for Disease Control says “Take 3” Actions to fight the flu. Taking the time to take care of yourself and your loved ones is not complicated but can greatly impact your health and those within your community.
Take time to get a flu vaccine.
• CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine.
• CDC recommends flu vaccines for people older than six months old and those in the following high risk groups:
o Young children
o Pregnant women
o People with chronic health conditions
o People older than 65 years
• Flu vaccine safety resources are located on the CDC website including a Flu Vaccine Finder to help you locate a flu clinic near you.
Take every day preventative actions to stop the spread of germs.
• If you or your child is sick stay home.
• Always cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. Cover Your Cough.
• Wash your hands often with soap and water.
• CDC resources for preventative actions are located on their website.
Take flu antiviral drugs if the doctor prescribes them.
• If you get the flu, antiviral drugs can help.
• Antiviral drugs must be prescribed by a doctor and are not available over the counter.
• Typically, antiviral drugs must be started within two days of becoming ill.
Flu Resources
• Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
o Twitter: @CDPHE or @COHealth
o Facebook: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment or
o Website:
• Website at
o Twitter: @CDC_eHealth or @CDCFlu
o Website:

Code Red® Cellular Emergency Notification System

The Grand County Office of Emergency Management has instituted CodeRED® Emergency Notification System. This system allows ultra high speed cellular phone or text messaging to inform registered participants during an emergency or disaster affecting Grand County.

*** This system will only be used for emergency purposes. ***

Examples of times when the CodeRED® system could be used:
- Evacuation Notice
- Fires
- Flooding
- Hazardous Materials Spills/Leaks
- Drinking Water Contamination

Click on the link below to enter your cell phone contact information for Grand County's CodeRED® Emergency Notification:
You must have cookies enabled before using the CodeRED website.
(In most Internet Explorer versions, this is set through Tools / Internet Options / Privacy / Advanced / Overide Automatic Cookie Handling) You can reset cookies after using CodeRED.

Click Here To Sign-Up

Click Here To Sign-Up for the Mobile Alert App

Visitors of Grand County can download the CodeRED alert app on smartphones. This application transmits geographically-based notifications. While visiting Grand County you will be able to receive emergency notifications that could affect you.

United Way 211 Registration for Disaster Assistance

United Way, in collaboration with the Grand County Office of Emergency Management and the Grand County Council on Aging, announces service of 2-1-1. This service could positively impact any individual living in the Grand County area that may require assistance in the event of an evacuation or extended in-place sheltering. By evaluating your own personal needs, you and your loved ones can be better prepared. Every individual can take steps to prepare for potential emergency situations.
You can call 2-1-1 and ask to register yourself, or a loved one, for the Special Needs Population Registry . Your voluntary participation in the Grand County 2-1-1 Registry will allow Grand County responders to be better prepared to respond with the limited resources available.
Assistance can include (but not limited to):
*Oxygen / ventilator dependent *Life sustaining medication *Alzheimer’s / Dementia
*Limited mobility / unable to drive *Vision / hearing impairment

For more information dial 2-1-1 or 1-866-485-0211.


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