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Grand County Emergency Management

81 West Agate Ave
PO Box 1457
Granby, CO 80446
Office: 970.887.2732
Fax: 970.887.1698

Ray Jennings
Grand County OEM

Christian Hornbaker
Emergency Manager
Grand County OEM

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Sugarloaf Fire Information

The following information is in regards to the Sugarloaf Fire happening in the southern part of Grand County. It is on Forest Service land and the information being released is through them.
Info Line: 970-557-4276
Maps, updates and other information:
Facebook: @usfsarp or
Hashtag: #SugarloafFire

Grand County Fire Restrictions 7/2/18

Official Press Release

Grand County Office of Emergency Management July 2, 2018
PO BOX 1457 Granby, CO 80446
Contact Person: Christian Hornbaker 970-509-9367

Grand County Fire Restrictions

Grand County Board of County Commissioners have unanimously voted to enact fire restrictions effective at 4:00 pm on Monday the 2nd of July. Sheriff Brett Schroetlin provided updated information to the Board on Monday at a special meeting to discuss the current indicators in the region and county that are used to determine the need of fire restrictions. There are currently four out of seven criteria which have been met to support these fire restrictions. County Commissioners took input from law enforcement officials, fire district chiefs, representatives from the Forest Service, Office of Emergency Management, and concerned citizens before making the decision. These fire restrictions are in effect for 30 days and will be reviewed periodically.

Now therefore, be it resolved by the Board of County Commissioners of Grand County, Colorado, that a declaration of fire restrictions be and is hereby instated.

This fire restriction is designed to reduce fire risk and prevent wild fires during periods of high fire danger and includes prohibitions of the following:
1. “Burning,” “open burning” and/or “open fires”. [This includes all outdoor campfires, fire pits, chimineas, BBQ pits, charcoal BBQ grills, wood pellet grills and stoves.]
2. Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building
3. Operating an internal or external combustion engine without a spark arresting device, properly installed, maintained and in effective working order
4. The use of welding equipment, acetylene torches, or other torch with an open flame
5. The use of incendiary devices as defined by Grand County Ordinance 20
6. The possession, use and sale of permissible fireworks and fireworks as defined by Grand County Ordinance 20 within unincorporated Grand County

Be it further resolved, excluded from this Resolution are the following fire and burning activities:
1. Use of liquid or gas fueled appliances
2. Permitted fires by persons with a permit specifically authorizing the prohibited act, such as professional firework displays
3. Fire department / district training fires
4. Burning of explosive wastes by manufacturer or explosives in areas zoned for industrial use, when supervised by a fire district
5. Open fires or open burning by any federal, state or local fire official in the performance of fire suppression functions
6. Fires used to inflate commercial hot air balloons.

The official resolution can be found at


Agencies will be working throughout the day to transition management back to Grand Lake Fire Protection District. Any fire updates will be posted to their Facebook page. The fire is currently 70% contained with an anticipated 100% containment by end of day. CR 48 remains closed from CR 471 to Deer Drive. Please do not enter the closed area; this causes interference with fire suppression efforts.


Grand Lake is open for business and travel. Mandatory evacuation has been lifted; residents are able to return to their homes in an orderly fashion. Please give all emergency units priority on the road. Road closure on County Road 48 from 471 to Deer Trail / Kinnickinick. Please reference attached map. No vehicular nor pedestrian traffic is permitted.

This is an active fire encompassing 17.5 acres. You will see smoke and flames in the fire zone, south of CR 48 for several days, Emergency Services do not need to be notified of this. Please call 911 for any fire activity north of CR 48 w/ specific details of where activity is located and what you are seeing. The fire is currently 70% contained. There will be an engine on active patrol overnight and 100 firefighters worked on the fire today. Crews will be mopping up tomorrow.

We do ask that those in the fire area do not venture out to the fire zone to watch the activity. This puts you and others in danger and we appreciate your attention to this. The Grand County hotline will now go to an automated voice message and will not be fielding live questions. The shelter is closed but will continue to provide meals to fire crew.


COMMUNITY BRIEFING 6 PM @ Grand Lake Center (301 Marina Dr.)


Fire containment is still steady at 60%. We will have an updated number at the Community Briefing tonight at 6pm at the Grand Lake Marina.
The cause of the fire is still unknown but is being investigated. There have been no homes or structures damaged by the fire and we are happy to report that there are still no injuries.

Residents in CR 491 and north may return to their homes with instructions to be vigilant in case a subsequent evacuation order follows.
CR 48 and CR 49 remain closed and are still under evacuation order. A map of the fire area is attached

There is a Multi-Mission Aircraft flying over Grand Lake at this time to help assist with the scope of the fire and provide fire command up to the minute information that they can get to the firefighters on the ground. Drone use will interfere with this important activity; no drones in the area.

The American Red Cross is still assisting residents that are in the shelter and are prepared to provide additional sheltering this evening if required.
Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Grand County EMS and all five of the Fire Districts were prepared for a busy weekend and have additional crews standing by in the event that they are needed.
Mindsprings in Granby at 970-887-2179 is available to assist those experiencing high levels of mental stress and fatigue.


Next Community Meeting at 12 pm @ Grand Lake Center

Community Resources:
*Fire Hotline: 970-725-3100
*Non Emergency Sherrif: 970-725-3311
*OEM Website:
*Wildfire Preparedness:



Community Briefing @ 9 am at the Grand Lake Center (301 Marina Dr.). Second meeting to follow at 12 pm at the same location. Both meetings will be broadcast with Facebook Live.
Evacuation order currently remains in effect. It is a red flag warning day. No structure loss; no injuries. Size of fire is at 20 acres. We are working with American Red Cross to assist families for sheltering now and for future needs.

CR 48 will remain closed for the remainder of the day with power outages continuing.

Fire Hotline number (970) 725-3100.
Grand Lake remains open for business.



Community Briefing at 9 am at the Grand Lake Center 301 Marina Dr. Updates will be posted hourly until containment.
The current size of the fire is 20 acres with no homes or other structures damaged.
The Community Hotline will again open up for general questions starting at 8 am. You can contact them at 970-725-3100.
***Grand County is thankful to all of the crews and agencies that have assisted with the fire. Grand Lake Fire District, Grand Fire Protection District, East Grand Fire District, Hot Sulphur Springs Fire District, Kremmling Fire District, Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Grand County Search and Rescue, Grand County EMS, Grand County Office of Emergency Management, Colorado State Fire Service, US Park Service, National Weather Service, American Red Cross, Town of Grand Lake, Grand County Public Works, Grand County Public Health, Colorado State Patrol, CDHSEM– Chuck Vale, Mountain Park Electric, Xcel Energy, Division of Fire Prevention and Control, and other Grand County employees.

We would also like to recognize Drive By Pie for the food as well as Good To Go for the quick delivery of portable bathrooms and washing stations. We would also like to thank the Grand Lake Center and the countless number of people that have supported all of our crews during this event through volunteer efforts and donations and even just words of thanks and support. It means the world to all of them.

Grand Lake Golf Course Fire update: 00:15 June 26th

The Grand Lake Golf Course fire is currently at 20-25 acres and is being monitored through the evening by roving fire crews to make sure that no sparks ignite additional fires along the perimeter. Firefighting crews will attack the fire first thing in the morning with the assistance of hot shot resources and another attack helicopter. No homes have been damaged and no injuries have occurred in Grand Lake or within the county that can be associated with the fire. There were two instances of smoke inhalation issues which were treated by Grand County EMS on scene but no transports.

Grand County Sheriff’s Office is currently patrolling the area to make sure that resident homes are safe and secure. There will be a community briefing at 09:00 at the Grand Lake Center located at 301 Marina Drive. There will be updates on the status of the fire, the impact to Grand Lake as well as any information on the possible re-entry of residents to their homes.

Approximately 2 dozen residents sought shelter within the Grand Lake Center through assistance with the American Red Cross. There were some residents that set up camp outside of the shelter with their own equipment. The shelter will remain open through the evening and into the weekend if necessary.

Grand Lake Golf Course Fire Road Closures

The following roads have been closed due to the Golf Course fire and will not be re-opened until fire command has instructed. This impacts all of the evacuated area North, Northwest of the junction at County Road 48 and Highway 34. The roads impacted include the following roads, but may also contain some within the area that have not initially showed up on the map.

County Roads 48 (Golf Course Rd), 4984, 4980, 471 (north of CR 48), 479, 480, 4943, 4948, 49, 4951, 4952, 4954, 4955, 4956, 490, 496, 498, 497, 491, 492, 4920, 4911

Foxy Lane
Mad Moose Lane
Phlox Ln
Kinnikinnick Rd
Buttercup Ln
Columbine Dr
Deer Dr
Laural Rd
Golden Rod pl
Aster Ln
Marigold Ln
Western Rd
Mustang Trail
Lily Ln
Aspen Dr
Elk Run
Michelle Dr
Meridith Manor
Sherman Dr
Womack Rd
Bloye Ave
Elk Ln
Eckelman Dr
Tracy Dr


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